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Celus stores all your usage statistics - be it from COUNTER or non-COUNTER data. This frees your hands and mind to focus on what is in the data, not how to get it.

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Main features

Tailor made for consortia - supports hundreds of member organizations.

All Usage Stats

Supports COUNTER 4, COUNTER 5 and custom non-COUNTER data.

Slice & dice your data

View usage data from different angles, quickly switch between different views.


Easily find most requested items across all platforms and publication types.

Future proof

Designed to easily support possible future versions of COUNTER.

Separate installation for each consortium - you own the data, you have the keys to the whole system.

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In action

Built for consortia

All data in one place with granular access control

Celus was tailor made for the Czech national consortium CzechELib. Its design was driven by real-world usage and tested on humans :) It supports different user roles with access to individual organizations or the whole consortium.

Detailed data

Celus helps you get the most out of your data

Celus fetches the most granular data it can get. When fetching COUNTER 5 data, it uses the full reports only and reconstructs the different views from them. This makes it possible to construct any imaginable view of the data on the fly.

Highly interactive

Streamlined for ease of use and blazingly fast

The user interface is highly interactive - no page reloads, just smooth action. Quickly redraw charts, filter and sort titles, find what you need.

Who is behind it?

Celus was created in cooperation of the National Library of Technology of the Czech Republic and Big Dig Data s.r.o.
Celusplus is a commercial service based on an open-source system created for the Czech national consortium CzechELib (CELUS = CzechELib Usage Statistics).

Comparison of CELUS versions

Celus open source

Customer size Any
Pricing Free
License Open source
Service Provided "as is"
Support Community based
Installation & updates DIY
UI customization & branding DIY or ask us
Custom functionality DIY or ask us
non-COUNTER data support Yes


Customer size Consortia
Pricing Commercial - ask us
License Proprietary
Service Full service included
Support Included
Installation & updates Included
UI customization & branding Included
Custom functionality Possible during onboarding
non-COUNTER data support Yes


Customer size Single library
Pricing Fixed monthly fee
License Proprietary
Service Self-service
Support Included
Installation & updates Cloud based, not required
UI customization & branding -
Custom functionality -
non-COUNTER data support No


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