CELUS eats SUSHI for breakfast
...and delivers insights by dinner
CELUS is an online software for automated harvesting and analysis of COUNTER and non-COUNTER statistics.

It is a powerful yet simple and affordable solution for single libraries, library consortia, and others, including publishers.

Why choose CELUS?

Designed and built together with the community.
A COUNTER and non-COUNTER usage statistics reporting software you really want to work with.
Finally. Focus on what your statistics mean, not on how to piece them together.


That's our superpower! First-time users are always amazed by how fast CELUS is.

All Stats In One Place

COUNTER 5, COUNTER 4, and non-COUNTER data supported.

Effortless SUSHI Management

Automated data harvesting and full history of your usage statistics.

Powerful Reporting

Create custom reports, export to Excel, update charts with ease.

CELUS superpowers include

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As a member of the COUNTER Technical Advisory Group, CELUS will always be up-to-date with the current COUNTER formats.
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CELUS seamlessly integrates with ConsortiaManager for in-depth price-per-use analyses.
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CELUS was developed in cooperation with CzechELib, the Czech national consortium of academic libraries, with approx. 130 member institutions with an annual e-resources budget of $35M for e-resources.
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Users just love working with CELUS

Our community spans the globe

Easy set-up, intuitive interface

After two cycles of subscription renewals using CELUS to inform decision-making and report usage, we've really appreciated the easy set-up, the intuitive interface, the ease of use, and your responsiveness to questions and suggestions. The site looks good, which is helpful when reporting to management. Thanks, CELUS!
Library & Information Service South & East Metropolitan Health Services, Australia‍
Cheryl Hamill
Head of Department, Library & Information Service
South & East Metropolitan Health Services, Australia
Charleston Advisor Best Effort Award Badge 2022

Permanently accessible, extremely flexible

CELUS brought us permanently-accessible, extremely flexible tools in terms of granularity, deeper views, selections, and so on for looking at each individual consortium member's data as well as a plethora of other possibilities for selections, groupings, comparisons, and beyond.
As CzechELib consortium leader, before CELUS, we had to rely on statistics supplied by e-resource providers, which were only raw data and which were often provided late.

Using the same tools, all individual consortium members can analyse their own statistical data and can compare  this with anonymized data from other consortium participants. The reaction to the introduction of CELUS was immediate, ranging from positive to enthusiastic.
Martin Svoboda
CzechELib Consortium

Sustainable solution for harvesting, uploading, and reporting electronic resources usage data

We are pleased that we partnered with CELUS, and now we finally have a sustainable solution for harvesting, uploading, and reporting electronic resources usage data.
The training we received during the software's implementation was exceptional, and we continue to be impressed with their ongoing technical support.
FLVC Florida Virtual Campus
Rachel Erb
Director of E-Resources
Florida Virtual Campus

Ensuring compatibility with future COUNTER releases

It goes without saying that since we aim to be the #1 tool for analyzing e-resources usage stats, we need to be active members of COUNTER’s Technical Advisory Group. We are participating in the development of the COUNTER Code of Practice itself, which makes us aware of any upcoming changes to the COUNTER format well in advance. Thanks to that, we can make sure CELUS will be always compatible with the latest COUNTER releases.
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We are also very proud that we were asked by COUNTER to develop the new interactive Registry of COUNTER-compliant platforms.
The Registry is a great place for librarians to go to see reports supported by publishers plus required SUSHI information such as SUSHI credentials. CELUS integrates with the Registry and is automatically pre-populated with publisher SUSHI URLs. It can also tell you what parameters are required or what report types are available for a particular platform.


All plans include all features
  • Automated data harvesting
  • Fast and powerful data analytics
  • Advanced reporting and exports
  • No setup, no installation
We prioritize transparent and affordable pricing for CELUS while supporting its development and maintenance.

Our pricing is based on the number of publishers (COUNTER and non-COUNTER) you want to manage in your CELUS account, allowing you to scale as needed. Regardless of price, all accounts access the full feature set.
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51 - 75
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