Why "CELUS"?

CELUS was developed in 2018 as an open-source project for CzechELib, the Czech national consortium of academic libraries by a private held company Big Dig Data. The acronym “CELUS” stands for “CzechELib Usage Statistics.” Big Dig Data, as the name suggests, develops custom solutions for big data processing. The company is also an active member of Project COUNTER's Technical Advisory Group, enthusiastically participating in the development of the COUNTER Code of Practice (COP5).



Ensuring compatibility with future COUNTER releases

It goes without saying that since we aim to be the #1 software for analyzing e-resources usage stats, we need to be active members of COUNTER’s Technical Advisory Group. We are participating in the development of the COUNTER Code of Practice itself, which makes us aware of any upcoming changes to the COUNTER format well in advance. Thanks to that, we can make sure CELUS will be always compatible with the latest COUNTER releases.
We are also very proud that we were asked by COUNTER to develop the new interactive Registry of COUNTER-compliant platforms.
The Registry is a great place for librarians to go to see reports supported by publishers plus required SUSHI information such as SUSHI credentials. CELUS integrates with the Registry and is automatically pre-populated with publisher SUSHI URLs. It can also tell you what parameters are required or what report types are available for a particular platform.
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Seamless integration with ConsortiaManager for in-depth
price-per-use analyses

Consortia Manager
CELUS features a cost analysis module where you can insert platform level pricing, enabling you to view price per search or price per full-text information, with the ability to also add weights to the metrics to make cost analyses more accurate.
Not enough for you? If you are looking for in-depth cost analysis for a particular platform (including at the title level), want to comprehend the history of your purchases comparing them to current usage and trends, you might want to try our latest integration with ConsortiaManager.
ConsortiaManager is a globally used e-resources management (ERM) workflow tool for managing subscriptions, contracts, invoicing, price negotiations and now—thanks to integration with CELUS—combining prices with usage data to clearly see if your investments in e-resources are translating into use by your community.

Crafted by librarians, for librarians

CELUS was developed in cooperation with CzechELib, the Czech national consortium of academic libraries, with approx. 130 member institutions with an annual e-resources budget of $35M for e-resources.
"As CzechELib consortium leader, before CELUS, we had to rely on statistics supplied by e-resource providers, which were only raw data and which were often provided late.Using the same tools, all individual consortium members can analyse their own statistical data and can compare  this with anonymized data from other consortium participants. The reaction to the introduction of CELUS was immediate, ranging from positive to enthusiastic."

Martin Svoboda, Director of CzechELib Consortium

Meet the team

Beda Kosata
Lead Developer & the Organic Brain of CELUS
Beda is the not-so-secret sauce behind Big Dig Data, the company powering CELUS. He's not only CELUS' heart, soul, and brain but also the secret ingredient in our tech innovations. Fueled by the finest coffee, a table tennis enthusiast, and a mountain-scaling adventurer, Beda is our crown jewel. In simpler terms: no Beda, no CELUS.
Tomas Novotny
Founder & Godfather
Armed with a degree in Applied Informatics in Chemistry from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. He's a versatile asset, navigating REACH Regulation, GMO research, and even doing a little AI dance. Tomáš believes in keeping things simple, aligning perfectly with CELUS' philosophy. He's also the team's source of positivity, adding sunshine to CELUS' atmosphere and making it the cheerful hub it is today!
Stepan Henek
(Mostly) Backend Developer
Stepan's communication style leans towards binary code, but when decoded into human language, he shares, "I work mostly on the backend part of Celus for a couple of years now. I was brought to the Celus team by our Team Lead/UI guru Béda. As for the CELUS future, I think that it will play a significant role in preserving human knowledge during the upcoming zombie apocalypse."
Ken DiFiore
Library Ambassador
Our librarian on a mission to modernize libraries, fueled by a love for Czech desserts rivaling a sugar-loving unicorn! He's the wizard behind Celus' library outreach, leading the charge into the digital age and battling outdated card catalogs. When not at conferences or hosting webinars, Ken embarks on epic quests through the world's greatest libraries and archives. Watch out, Dewey Decimal System, Ken's coming for you with a keyboard and a wicked sense of humor!
Lucie Sera
Library Sorceress
Lucie is our walking library powerhouse with a Master's degree in Information studies and librarianship, and a Bachelor's degree in Informatics and Chemistry. With her togetherness and the wisdom gained from working at the Library of the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Lucie is basically the Hermione Granger of CELUS. If there's a prize for tracking down the best source of metadata on journals, consider it claimed by Lucie faster than you can say "Accio research!"
Zbynek Vyhlas
Junior Developer, Mascot
During his med school journey, Zbynek had a revelation: the future of medicine relied heavily on IT and big data. As he neared graduation, his passion for programming and tech grew. He's since played a crucial role in shaping CELUS' front-end and back-end. Zbynek praises the meticulous coding standards, saying, "If I were a librarian, CELUS would undoubtedly be my scalpel of choice," with a genuine grin and no pressure from colleagues.
Simona Popelkova
Product Owner
Our Product Owner extraordinaire at CELUS. Her job description might as well be "Chief Everything Officer." Whether it's debugging SUSHI credentials or polishing marketing materials, she's the go-to person. Need assistance with CELUS? Simona's got your back, and she might even draft a knowledgebase article while at it. But her secret talent? Crafting hilariously witty bios for the CELUS website – a skill that took everyone by surprise!
David Nevaril
UX/UI Designer
Seasoned designer responsible for the latest improvements in Celus' visuals and usability. With over a decade of experience in both physical and digital product design, service design, branding and filmmaking. He's also an avid sailor and windsurfer.
Diana Varsikova
Data Processing Genius
Diana, much like her well-cared-for plants, is a rare find. Behind her innocent appearance lies a mathematical genius who subscribes to magazines just for their beautiful data visualizations (true story). She's adept in data processing and machine learning, finally providing Beda with someone he can have intellectually challenging conversations with. She thrives on copious amounts of excellent tea, consuming liters of it daily.
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